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Dear Diary , Brenda and Pixie try and turn Elisa to the dark side in the new photo set: Super Heroine Shlong Showdown. Elisa has as super sized cock and some super powers which she uses to take down evil doers.

Dear Diary, Rachel shows off her cooking abilities to Lana, Sabrina, and Porsha in the new video: Cum Food Tasting Party. Rachel starts off the first course of salad but she recruits Lana to dress the crispy greens with her hot load. All the girls get involved and they milk her dicks until she explodes all over the salad. For the second course, Rachel has Sabrina jizz into a sauce pan to make a creamy cum chowder. Finally, Porsha finishes with dessert by glazing her delicious cum all over some pastries. They feed each other their cum soaked food.

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Dear Diary, Pamela makes a mess of herself in the new photoset: Colossal Cock Meat Self Cum. Pamela loves to talk dirty to you. It really turns her on. So much that she gets so worked up she self pleasures until she cums all over her own face and body.

Dear Diary, Tina and Summer try to get Pauline to do her job in the new video: Maids that Need to Get Laid. Pauline is a lazy maid that doesn't want to work and all she wants to do is take selfies in her cute maid outfit. Pauline thinks that she can get away with everything because she has great cock sucking abilities. She demonstrates on Summer and Tina's big hard-ons. This only makes Pauline more irreverent and horny. She opens up her pussy so that Summer can fuck her while she continues to suck on Tina's cock. Summer gets so worked up, she cums all Pauline's willing face. Tina takes her turn jerking herself off until she also cums all over Pauline's face too! Pauline is so horny that too wants to cum on her own face. The girls fight over Pauline's cum as she jizzes everywhere!

Dear Diary, Lana, Sabrina, and Porsha dine in with cum chef Rachel in the new photo set: Cum Food Tasting Party. All the girls are very cum hungry and horny so they join Rachel in her sex kitchen for some steamy treats.

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