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Dear Diary, Abby plays a helpful scout to the always hungry and horny Josie in the new photoset: Girthy Glutton & Girl Scout. Abby wants to earn her badge by being a good samaritan to Josie. All Josie wants to do is bust a nut and stuff her face, so Abby is obliged to assist in any way she can!

Dear Diary, Becky gets herself off and gives herself a full facial in the new video: Self Blasting Big Boner Beauty. It's been a long day at work and all Becky wants to do is get home, unwind, and get all the jizz out of her balls. She sits down and sucks herself off while jerking her extra long cock. In the middle of her session, she notices that you're watching her and she likes being watched. She tells you to jerk yourself off with her while she continues to suck her cock. Then she tells you to come closer and she wags her serpent shlong over your face. She shoves her dick in your face and tells you to suck on it. Her dick gets super hard as she continues to jerk herself off. Then she blasts a giant neverending load all over her face and tits!

Also, effective immediately, all new videos will be released in MP4 and Windows Media format. QuickTime videos will no longer offered.

Dear Diary, Adela, Lauren & Ivana get pissed on and pussies pleasured in the new photoset: Wild Women Wet with Wizz. These three kinky girls take turns cumming and pissing on each other in an orgy of penis fluids.

Dear Diary, Pamela, Evelyn, & Teresa are horny prostitutes in the new video: Pantyhose Hookers in Heat. Teresa and Evelyn are pitching nylon tents with their erections while Pamela has an entire stocking covering her massive boner! It's been a slow day on the job and all three girls are long overdue for busting a nut so, being good girlfriends, they decide to relieve their sexual urges on each other. They rub their shafts under their silky smooth stockings and all three girls simultaneously lick Pamela's enormous wiener. Teresa and Evelyn stand up and rub their pantyhose clad cocks together while Pamela watches. Then, they take turns giving each other creamy facials!

Dear Diary, Lana officiates penis competitors Rachel, Porsha, and Sabrina in the new photoset: Hardcore Cock Contest. The three girls are vying to win gold in an all out battle to see whose cock is the best in the land.

Dear Diary, Porsha gets kinky in the new video: Hard Pecker in Tight Pants. She's dressed in her work attire but she's anything but professional. She sees that you're watching her, she knows that you're a pervert, and it's turning her on. She teases you and calls you a sissy because her cock is much bigger than yours. She calls you names and wants you to jerk off to her cock bulging from her slacks. She rubs her cock through her pants and rips her shirt off, then she shoves her cock in your face and tells you to sniff her balls. Then, she pulsl her hard cock out of her zipper hole and starts masturbating in front of you. She stands over you and jerks herself off until she cums all over your face. To finish, she licks her own cum off of you!

Dear Diary, Becky creams herself in the new photoset: Self Blasting Big Boner Beauty. She jerks herself off staring at the camera, sucks her own cock and blows a load all over herself!

Dear Diary, Priscilla and Janeen gives Abby the gift of big dick and facial on her wedding day in the new video: Post Marriage Penis Party. Abby is feeling a regretful that she's gotten married and her two besties Janeen and Priscilla are there to console her by sucking her big fat pink penis. Abby returns the favor by sucking on both their cocks at once. Then, Priscilla plunges her pecker into Abby's gaping pussy and fucks her missionary and doggy style. With her hard dick throbbing, Janeen rides and grinds on Abby's shlong. The girls then start fucking each other in a three-way train where Priscilla fucks Abby while Abby fucks Janeen all at once! Abby and Priscilla squirt their massive load all over Janeen's open mouth and pretty face. Janeen then cums all over the other two while they're laying down below her. Facials for everyone!

Dear Diary, Evelyn, Teresa, & Pamela shower each other in hot jizz in the new set: Pantyhose Hookers in Heat. They stroke, rub and lick their erect nylon covered cocks until they blast cum in each other's faces.

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