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Sarina enlists the help of her BFF, Tina, in: Draining Ger Bloated Balls. Sarina has a great problem: she needs to have her balls release all the time. Rather than doing it alone, she wants Tina to get her off with her long serpent shlong. She convinces Tina they both need to nut ASAP. Sarina wraps her lips around Tina's extra-long dick and sucks on it while stroking the entire shaft with her two hands. Then Sarina lets Tina fuck her nut cleavage to get her all hot and wet. Then she slides her cock into Sarina's pussy and fucks her deep. Tina unleashes a torrent of jizz all over Sarina's body and Sarina returns the cum favor.
  Connie pleasures her two hard appendages in: Cumming with Two Cocks. She stares into the camera while she strokes herself and tells you about how she likes to fuck and jerk. Then she stands up and wags her dicks around like two pendulums. She continues to jack herself off until both her cocks explode in copious amounts of dick juice. She gives herself a massive facial, glazing herself in her own hot jizz.
Jessica and Summer have a little disagreement on who the fittest dick dame is in: Roommate Rod Rivalry. Summer patronizes Jessica for being too young and inexperienced while Jessica feels like Summer is no longer a spring chicken. The settle it the best way that either knows how... a dick duel! They stroke each other's shafts trying to see who blows first. Jessica starts sucking on Summer's sausage and then they 69 one another. Summer's experience is too much for Jessica and she starts erupting in cum first. To the victor gives the facial. Summer drenches Jessica's face in her victory jizz.
Jill makes her video debut with Pauline in: Friends that Fuck Feverishly. Jill is a little ashamed that both her tits and cock are not as big as Pauline's. Pauline, being a good friend helps Jill out by stroking her cock and telling her that they will work on getting Jill bigger. Jill shows her gratitude by opening up her mouth and sucking on Pauline's dick. Pauline lets Jill fuck her tight pussy and cum all over her face. Not to be ungrateful, Jill lets Pauline fill up her pussy with her cock. Pauline cums into her condom and breaks the hot jizz all over Jill's body.
Cathy seeks out professional help from Mandy in: Ejaculate Hypnosis. Cathy has problems cumming so she goes to Mandy to help her out. Mandy hypnotizes Cathy and gives her hands on treatment. She strokes her cock and sucks on it until it's throbbing and ready to burst in a cum explosion. Then she has Cathy fuck her in different positions until Mandy herself cums from being fucked so hard. When the time comes, Mandy tells Cathy to let loose and her balls burst with a huge load of jizz!
Adela turns Ivana into a sexual deviant in the new video: Click to Turn On her Dick. Adela is a self-professed sex addict and she seeks help with therapist Ivana. Adela tries her best to be on good behavior, but her hypersexual nature gets the better of her. She knocks Adela out with her serpent shlong and sets it up so that she controls Ivana's sex drive with a click of her remote control. She turn Ivana into a sex fiend and gets Ivana to fuck her ravenously. As Adela rides Ivana's cock, she starts cumming everywhere. Then Adela takes her serpent cock and shoves it into Ivana's pussy until Ivana spews enormous amounts of cum from her dick!
Lana interviews Becky in: Cock Talk Show Spermathon. Becky is a guest on Lana's show and she tells Lana all of her dirty desires. Lana has Becky show off her tits and dick wagging talents. Then she stuff's Becky's long shlong into her mouth. Becky returns the favor by jerking and sucking both of Lana's limbs. Lana shows her guest some love by giving her a foot job and she tells Becky that she's really into messy facials. Becky, always a polite and willing guest cums all over Lana's face! Not to be outdone, Lana cums on both their faces for the show finale.
Pixie makes her debut with some auto fellatio and fucking in: Self Sexing Shlong Slut. She's the perfect girl, she knows it, and she wants to show off all her talents to you. She starts by sucking herself off while talking dirty. Then she bends over and smacks her ass with her own serpent shlong. She jams her cock into her tight twat and cums all over her own face!
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