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Holly is a on a mission to find the perfect cock for herself in the new video: Blonde Bimbo Going Bigger. She feels a little self conscious and is envious of other girls that have bigger cocks than her. She undergoes a procedure that gets her a really long serpent dong and she goes home to test drive her new shlong out. She strokes her new long hose, tries to put as much of it down her throat, tit fucks herself. She does like her new dick, but she is looking for something fatter to wrap her hands around. She goes back to the doctor and just like goldilocks, Holly finds a dick that fits her just right. She immediately starts touching herself and wagging her cock until she unloads a giant fountain of cum all over the place.

Dear Diary, Claire Cucumber makes her return in fabulous style in the new pohoto set: Vain Dick Diva. She knows she's hot, she knows you know she's hot, and she knows how to work her magnificent cock to make you cum!

Sarina enlists the help of her BFF, Tina, in the new video: Draining Ger Bloated Balls. Sarina has a great problem: she needs to have her balls release all the time. Rather than doing it alone, she wants Tina to get her off with her long serpent shlong. She convinces Tina they both need to nut ASAP. Sarina wraps her lips around Tina's extra-long dick and sucks on it while stroking the entire shaft with her two hands. Then Sarina lets Tina fuck her nut cleavage to get her all hot and wet. Then she slides her cock into Sarina's pussy and fucks her deep. Tina unleashes a torrent of jizz all over Sarina's body and Sarina returns the cum favor.

Dear Diary, Jill & Pauline are cum hungry sex kittens in the new photo set: Penis Pleasure Practice. They try to perfect their jizz talents with help from one another.

Dear Diary, Elisa meets up with her long lost sister in the new video: Dick Sisters Meat. Dana is really excited to meet her newly found sister and she's even more surprised that they both have big dicks. Elisa is coy and shy about her giant dong but Dana shows her that there is nothing to be demure about. She stuff's Elisa's mouth with her two cocks and fills up her pussy with her hardon. Elisa likes it so much that she cums while being rammed. Then she unleashes her balls full of cum all over Dana's big, bubbly ass!

Dear Diary, Holly fulfills her fantasy of getting a penis enlargement in the new photo set: Blonde Bimbo Going Bigger. Just like Goldilocks, she tries out a couple different cocks until she finds the one that is just right.

Dear Diary, Abby is looking great and ready for the dance in the new video: Maximum Jizz Bliss. She is all dolled up and ready with her new dance moves to impress the girls, but she gets a horny and need to blow one out before she leaves. She gives herself a creamy facial and then goes to the dance. She comes back with her dick even bigger and more swollen with cum. She does the only thing she knows and that's to jack herself off again until she unleashes another torrent of jizz all over herself again!

Dear Diary, Sarina enlists Tina's help in the new photo set: Draining Her Bloated Balls. Having such huge, throbbing balls can be challenging because all Sarina wants to do is empty her cum filled sacks all the time.

Dear Diary, Connie pleasures her two hard appendages in the new video: Cumming with Two Cocks. She stares into the camera while she strokes herself and tells you about how she likes to fuck and jerk. Then she stands up and wags her dicks around like two pendulums. She continues to jack herself off until both her cocks explode in copious amounts of dick juice. She gives herself a massive facial, glazing herself in her own hot jizz.

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