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Dear Diary, Brittany, Erica, & Janeen get together for some jizz-fueled office antics in the new set: Spontaneous Cum-Busting. Brittany busts a major load in her pants while at the office. After getting a taste of her sweet cum, Janeen and Erica decides to join her.

Dear Diary, Sabrina is a slutty Santa who gives her hard schlong as a gift to Lana, Rachel, and Porsha in the new Christmas video: Sharing Semen with Santa. While the girls eagerly await Santa's arrival, they chatter about all the naughty things they want to do to her. When Sabrina finally arrives they waste no time taking turns sucking her off. Since Lana's been the naughtiest of them all, she is rewarded with a good old fucking from Santa. Then, the girls thank Santa by taking turns fucking her tight snatch and unloading copious amounts of jizz on her face and tits. They even drench a plate full of cookies with their cum and feed them to Sabrina. Before Santa leaves, she gives all three girls the gift of semen, showering them in spunk!

Dear Diary, Adela fucks her own pussy in the new set: Self Sucking & Fucking. Adela makes love to her cock in bed like it's her lover! She kisses it, licks it and sucks it passionately. Then she loops it around her nuts and fuck her wet pussy till she cums! She pulls out and cums on her pussy lips making it a mega cream pie!

Dear Diary, Franchesca and Lauren jack off to hardcore pornography in the new video: Penis Pounding to Porn. Franchesca is in Lauren's room masturbating to Lauren's new porn. Right in the middle of cumming, Lauren walks in on her! Franchesca tries to hide her cumming cock under her dress but it's too late. Lauren see's and scornfully reprimands her, but quickly gets distracted by the porn that's still playing on the TV. Both girls start timidly stroking their cocks under their dresses, trying to hide their horny actions, but after a while they whip out their schlongs and jerk off without a care. They even help stroking each other off. They moan loudly over the moaning sounds of the porno creating a cacophony of female pleasure. The cum at the same time and rub their dick heads together as they blast jizz on each other!

Dear Diary, Erica and Penny get off rubbing hard dicks together in the new set: Cock to Cock Cummers. These two cum buddies are horny and love getting off on each other's cocks! They skull-fuck, tit-fuck, jack off while rubbing cocks together and cum at the same time!

Dear Diary, Traci, Crissy and Lana passionately fuck each other and shoot loads of jizz in the new video: Sperm Soaked Bed Sheets. The three horny dick-girls come into the room kissing frantically. Lana gets down and sucks the other two off. They jump in bed where they take turns double teaming sucking and stroking each other off. Lana opens her legs and gets fucked by Traci while Crissy feeds her cock. Traci gets fucked by Crissy while Lana sucks her huge dong. Traci climaxes while being fucked and shoots load all over the bed. Crissy pulls out and blasts her cum on Traci's chest. They smack their cummy dicks together as they giggle and moan. Lana ejaculates both of her dicks at the same time on Traci and Crissy's tits while they lick and taste her cum!

Dear Diary, Lana, Rachel and Porsha have a Xmas orgy with Santa Claus Sabrina in the new set: Sharing Semen with Santa. The girls are so excited to see Santa that they all give her blow jobs! They take turns fucking Santa and she fucks them back. They give Santa some cookies and cum in her face. Then Sabrina merrily showers her jizz on the three greedy dickgirlies!

Dear Diary, Chelsi's favorite doll Abby cums to life and robotically jerks her off in the new video: Dick-Doll Naughty Play. Chelsi is looking at her doll collection, but she gets bored and takes out her life-sized doll Abby. Chelsi moves Abby's limbs around like a mannequin. She bends her over and shoves her cock in her face. She sucks Abby's cock and plays with her perfect tits! She takes a nap on the couch but when she wakes up Abby has come to life and wants to play more. Abby is one aggressive, horny doll. She sucks and licks Chelsi's titties and dick while stroking her huge choad. She skull fucks Chelsi then mechanically jerk herself off. Chelsi presses the fast forward button on Abby which makes her doll jerk off super fast until she cums. Then Abby robotically jerks off Chelsi till she spurts her load all over Abby's big boobs!

Dear Diary, Lauren has a really hot jerk off session with a new dickgirl: Franchesca Frankfurter in the new set: Penis Pounding to Porn. Franchesca is a voluptuous European woman with big natural breasts and super hard cock that can spurt massive loads. The two girls suck and stroke each other off while watching nasty porn together!

Dear Diary, Caitlyn cums from her tits and her dick in the new video: Lactation & Masturbation. Caitlyn's jugs are full of milk and her balls are full of cum! She coaxes her breasts, squeezes her nipples and streams of warm milk squirt everywhere! She turns to her side and shows how far she can shoot! She talks dirty about her lactating hooters. She asks if you want to suck her tits and tells you how sweet her milk is. She lactates on her cock and jerks it off using her milk as lube. She cums from her dick and continues to lactate her tits. Both her juggs and cock drip white love juices!

Dear Diary, Traci, Crissy and Lana cover each other in cum in the new set: Sperm Soaked Bed Sheets. These gorgeous dickgirls don't hold back, jizzing all over the place. They suck, fuck and cum until everything is drenched in their love juices!

Dear Diary, Nikki and Adela fuck each other with their rigid rods in the new video: Proper Ladies, Protruding Poles. These ladies are on their best behavior as they sip tea and chat. Adela tells Nikki that they should try a special additive that's supposed to improve their romantic life. Both girls mix it with their tea and drink it. A few moments later the girl's cocks get massive erections! The girls are suddenly super horny and start talking dirty, cursing unapologetically. They express their lust for each other and then suck each other's sausage. They stand up and compare dongs. They sword fight a bit and jerk them off against each other. They kiss and jack their dicks off. Nikki fucks Adela doggy style and then missionary. Adela's cock spews jizz while she continues to get fucked. Then Adela fucks Nikki as her rock hard salami shoots jizz too!

Dear Diary, Chelsi cums on her life-size toy doll Abby in the new set: Dick-Doll Naughty Play. Chelsi loves dolls; She has quite a collection of them. Her favorite doll is Abby, a life-sized doll with an erect cock that she can suck and play naughty games with! Abby magically comes to life and makes Chelsi cum all over her tits!

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Dear Diary, Caitlyn milks her tits and her cock in the new set: Lactation & Masturbation. Caitlyn is lactating and loving it. Her swollen tits drip and squirt sweet milk and while her throbbing dick oozes hot sperm! This horny milf is one fine, fluid factory!

Dear Diary, Brittany shares some horny alone-time with you in the new video: Red Hot and Hung. Brittany teases you with her cock pitching a tent underneath her dress. She gropes her bulge and shakes it wildly. She bends over to show you her hanging cock, ass and pussy. She tells you sexy naughty things in her sweet, hi-pitched girly voice. She spits on her cock and then licks her dick head. She stands over you as if her cock was in your face, jerks off and wags her cock around. She strokes her schlong faster and tells you to swallow the cum that she's going to shoot in your face! Her dick erupts with a massive load and she quivers in ecstasy!

Dear Diary, Adela and Nikki penetrate each other with their long hard-ons in the new set: Proper Ladies, Protruding Poles. These ladies are prim and proper until they get the longest erections ever and turn into sex-crazed nymphos! They rub their jutting rods, and fuck until they make each other cum hard!

Dear Diary, Lana and Rachel fuck their bitch Porsha in the new video: Hardcore Horn Dog Show. Lana and Rachel train their stunt dog Daisy (played by Porsha) for their upcoming show. They make her do a variety of tricks but she keeps being disobedient, humping their legs and wanting to play with their dicks. At one point she pees all over the couch and on her trainers. For punishment the girls make Porsha suck their cocks and fuck her doggy style! They shoot cum in her face while she holds her doggy bowl to catch the excess jizz and then pour the bowl on her head! Porsha barks, pants and acts like a dog perfectly throughout the entire video!

Dear Diary, Mandy has a date with a smokin hot new dickgirl Sabrina Stifferstem in the new set: Raging Erectile Attraction. Sabrina and Mandy are on their first date and both of them have raging hard boners which they can't hide in their dresses! They flirt with their dicks which eventually leads to hard fucking on the floor and drinking lots of cum!

Dear Diary, Heidi and Crissy get hot and horny for each other on the dance floor in the new video: Dancing Dicks Under Dresses. Heidi is teaching Crissy ballroom dancing, ironically their balls have no room since they're full of jizz. Their protruding dicks inevitably rub up against each other and cause some hot friction. The two gorgeous girls dance a little closer, stare in to each other's eyes and sensually kiss. They grope and dry hump their bodies together. Their throbbing cocks come out and they rub them together. Crissy licks and strokes Heidi's massive chode. Then Heidi jerks and sucks Crissy's cock. They take turns cumming on their partner who continues to dance. They rub their cum covered cocks together and dance some more as their dicks flop around!

1 4-Sept-2011
Dear Diary, Brittany shows off her perfect cock and masturbates in the new set: Red Hot and Hung. Her cute dress pitches a major tent with her hard erection underneath. She bends over displaying her flawless round ass, pussy, dick and balls! She strokes her raging hard on till cum gushes!

Dear Diary, Caitlyn and Abby talk dirty and tease you with their bodies in the new video: Boobs, Belly & Boners. The girls kiss, grope each other and invite you to masturbate with them! They stroke their cocks while at the same time instructing you to stroke yours. Abby rubs Caitlyn's pregnant belly and asks you if want to touch it and jerk off to her big belly. They play with their jugs and rub them together. They suck each other's big cocks while continuing to tease and talk sexy to the camera. They bust their loads all over each other and Abby shoots a lot of cum on Caitlyn's belly! They rub their cum covered bodies and cocks together!

Dear Diary, Rachel and Lana fuck their pet dog Porsha in the new set: Hardcore Horn Dog Show. Porsha's new gig is as a stunt dog that performs tricks. Her masters Lana and Rachel are practicing with her for the upcoming show but their horny pet Porsha keeps trying to suck their cocks! So they fuck her doggy style and drench her with cum!

Dear Diary, Adela, Lana and Dana party with their plethora of penises in the new video: Coffee Break Full of Cocks. While on their coffee break the girls grope their own cocks thru their pantyhose and talk about how they need more cream in their coffee. Underneath the table Adela rips her nylons and rubs her cock against her coworkers. Before long, Lana is underneath the table sucking cock while the other two girls make-out. Eventually Lana and Dana both suck on Adela's long serpent at the same time. Dana and Lana rub their schlongs together through their pantyhose while Adela rubs her cock in between their grinding sausages. Then Adela gets on the ground in between Lana and Dana to get bombarded with all five cocks at once, including her own which she sucks eagerly. Then Lana and Dana wrap their double dongs around Adela's dick and penis-fuck her till she cums in their coffee cups. Lana and Dana shoot their loads into the cups as well as Adela's chest. Then they get really messy with jizz, shake their cum glistening cocks and have a messy cock fight slapping all five of their dicks together!

Dear Diary, Heidi and Crissy rub their hot cocks together in the new set: Dancing Dicks under Dresses. Their form fitting dresses can't contain their protruding shafts. They suck and jerk off till they blast cum on each other while continuing to shake their cocks dancing!

Dear Diary, Erica, Zoey and Penny have a pee orgy in the new video: Piss Showers of Bliss. Erica is having a great time self sucking her own cock without restraint when Zoey and Penny walk in on her. They are so impressed with Erica's sucking skills that they try to self-suck their own cocks. Sucking their own cocks makes all of them really thirsty so they decide to cool down with each other's piss. Penny pees on Erica and Zoey as they kiss and drink piss. Then Erica showers Penny and Zoey as they wildly make-out! Then Zoey pisses on Erica and Penny as they jerk off and blast cum! Cum and piss flying everywhere at the same time!

Dear Diary, Abby and a very pregnant Caitlyn tease you with all of their bulging body parts in the new set: Boobs, Belly and Boners. The girls suck and jerk each other until they shoot cum on each other and rub the love juices all over their ripe bodies!

Dear Diary, Porsha has hot sex with Brittany while her girlfriend Heidi jerks off and watches in the new video: Cumming in Between a Couple. Porsha and Heidi have been in a relationship for a while but Porsha is mad because she can't fit Heidi's massive dong in her tight pussy. Heidi has the great idea of having her friend Brittany fuck Porsha. When Porsha meets Brittany it's love at first sight. The two immediately start getting it on sucking, 69ing and making-out. Heidi tries to join in but Porsha pushes her away so she sits off to the side, jerking her giant cock frustratingly. Brittany fucks Porsha doggy and missionary. While being fucked Porsha busts a huge load in her condom then Brittany puts the full condom in her mouth and Porsha dangles in on her ass. Heidi cums and shoots thick streams of jizz across Porsha and Brittany as they continue to fuck!

Dear Diary, Adela, Lana and Dana have a cum spewing orgy in the new set: Coffee Break Full of Cocks. There is a whole lot of cock in the break room with Adela's two footer and Dana's & Lana's four dongers! Lots of cocks equals lots of sucking and cum which they add to their coffee. Yummy!

Dear Diary, Lauren jacks off her long meat in the new video: Hard Shaft Stroking Session. Lauren invites you to masturbate with her and plays with her big dick until it gets hard. She strokes the entire length of her hard-on and sucks herself off. She lubes up her cock and tit-fucks herself. She gets in bed and continues to jerk off and talk dirty. She even uses her feet to stroke her dick. She straddles and humps a pillow vigorously until she cums long and hard. Then she jacks off and tit-fucks herself at the same time making her cum again! She blows another massive load that seems to last forever, glazing her boobs in hot jizz!

Dear Diary, Erica, Penny and Zoey drench each other in pee in the new set: Piss Showers of Bliss. It's a hot summer day so the girls are thirsty and hot. Instead of having a regular old three-way they shower each other in piss as they make-out and jerk off! Loads of piss in this scene!

Dear Diary, Caitlyn and Jazmin drench each other in sperm in the new video: Fap Friends Giving Facials. The girls lie in bed and giggle as they play with their dicks. They slap and rub them together and then trade off sucking cocks. Caitlyn crams both dongs in her cleavage and does a double tit-fuck. They passionately hump their hard dicks together and have a sensual swordfight. They jerk off simultaneously till they are about to cum. Caitlyn begs for a facial so Jazmin spews her load in Caitlyn's face. While Jazmin is still cumming Caitlyn lies down and lets her whole body get showered in jizz. When Jazmin is done she begs for a facial also. Caitlyn shoots a massive nut all over Jazmin's face and body! Then they aggressively make-out completely covered in cum!

Dear Diary, Porsha has wild sex with her new fuck buddy Brittany while Heidi jealously watches, in the new set: Cumming in Between a Couple. Porsha and Heidi are happily in a relationship together but they have a problem. Porsha can't get fucked by Heidi because her dick is too big. When Heidi invites her hot red-headed friend Brittany Batterblaster over, Porsha immediately falls in lust! Porsha and Brittany suck and fuck the daylights out of each other while Heidi frustratingly jerks her monster cock and cums on them while they continue to fuck each other!


Dear Diary, Adela and Nikki wrap their snake cocks together in the new video: Long Dick Lust in the Library. Nikki is trying to study when Adela the librarian comes over to help her. Nikki gets distracted by Adela's long cock bulging out of her stockings and starts touching it. Adela denies Nikki's advances and tries to get her to concentrate on the book by using her dick as a pointer. Nikki uses her dick to turn the pages and they inevitably rub their dicks together as they try to study. This turns on Adela so much that she gives in and lustfully makes out with Nikki. They rub their tits with their dick-heads, spank each other with their shafts and grope their bodies. They suck and jerk each other off feverously in a variety of different positions. For their orgasm they wrap their cocks around each other forming a dick-twizzler and shoot sperm from their embraced dicks!

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